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Remdesivir for COVID19 in-stock - Wednesday, April 22, 2020
A new product called REMDESIVIR was just added to our web-site. REMDESIVIR is a potential for treatment of COVID19 viral disease.

Server Hardware Failure - Friday, November 16, 2018
Last week our server experience hard-disk failure and we lost part of the data from the server.

Shipping & Returns

Delivery Information

Our Regular Shipping is the preferred method of shipping for those requesting discretion in packaging and shipment, and for orders placed without a prescription.

Our Regular Shipment has the following features:

  • Prescription free ordering.
  • Your order is delivered by first-class, priority airmail.
  • Upon payment receipt, Your order will be processed within 1-2 business day(s) and dispatched to final destination.
  • Maximum discretion is used in packaging and shipping.
  • Shipment is NOT traceable.
  • Shipment requires no signature upon delivery.

Questions about shipping

Most common questions about shipping are displayed below.

How are products shipped?

We ensure that all packages are shipped with maximum discretion. Since prescription is submitted, products are removed from their original boxes and repacked with extreme care and precaution, specifically to minimize shipment volume. Our organization name is not indicated on any package and shipments are made from various shipping points in Europe established in different countries to ensure maximum discretion and highest probability of successful delivery. With custom we have 100% success to USA, 100% success to any country of EU. Problems with customs may appear only in New Zealand & Australia - we have around 90% success.

How are bulk/large quantity orders shipped?

If the order is large enough to not fit in the same shipment envelope as a small sized order, we guarantee the order will be divided into the necessary amount of packages. No matter how large your order is, we reassure you the same discretion level and repackaging is used as with a small sized order.

How long does the shipping process take?

Estimated delivery time for our Shipping is: 8-18 days to USA and Canada. 7-10 days to Europe, around 21 days to Australia, Japan and Africa.

Is there a possibility for a shipping delay?

There are occasions when delivery is delayed due to Postal Services procedures (we ship only by regular airmail, because it is the safest), however in those occasions delivery might take a little longer, up to about a month.

What is the cost of shipping?

We have flat shipping costs of 14 EUR per order.

Do you ship to P.O. Boxes?

Yes, we ship to P.O. Boxes.

Is a signature required for shipping?

Our shipping method requires no signature from your side upon delivery.

Which country do you ship from?

We use various shipping points in different European and Asian countries.

Which countries do you ship to?

We ship worldwide.